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Razldazl George chases historic Irish Derby double

Brilliantly consistant 2011 Irish Derby Winner  Razldazl George(Kinloch Brae) is bidding to become only the second greyhound in history to win the Irish Derby twice.Legendary sire Top Honcho continues to rewrite the history books as Tyrur Sugar Ray becomes his 25th Irish/English Derby finalist. 


Tyrur Sugar Ray blitzs Derby Quarter Finals

Tyrur Sugar Ray (Top Honcho) left the crowd gasping with a sensational 29.29 Derby Quarter Final win,3rd fastest run in history. Laughill Billy's (Premier Fantasy) impressive 29.61 Quarter win announces his arrival as a major contender for outright honours.


Vic,Rankin,&George stars of Irish Derby 3rd round,Shelbourne.

Ballymac Vic(Kinloch Brae) 29.44-3.36 sectional,Confident Rankin(Premier Fantasy)29.66,& reigning champion Razldazl George(Kinloch Brae)29.77were the standout performers of the Irish Derby 3rd Round at Shelbourne.


Market leaders Sparta Maestro & Ballymac Vic lead the way in Derby

Sparta Maestro(Crash) clocked 29.43 the fastest time of the Irish Derby 2nd round .His ante post rival brilliant youngster Ballymac Vic (Kinloch Brae) yet again impressed effortlessly winning in 29.62.


FFK SIRES lead the way again in Irish Derby first round.

Siring most of the ante post favourites FFK SIRES lead the way yet again in 2012 Ladbrokes Irish Derby-Ballymac Vic (Kinloch Brae) 29.51 joint fastest time of entire round,Sparta Maestro(Crash) 29.54, Camas Crash(Crash) 29.56 ,Tyrur Big Mike(FFK Sire) 29.51,Tyrur McGuigan(FFK Sire) 29.76,Confident Rankin(Premier Fantasy)29.70,Tyrur Sugar Ray (Top Honcho) 29.65 etc.


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