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Kinloch Brae Montage Sidarian Blaze
Kinloch Brae Race I Kinloch Brae Race II Kinloch Brae Race III
Kinloch Brae Race IV Razldazl George Derby Final
Razldazl Jayfkay 28.08 Wimbledon TR Ballymac Vic

Runaway winner of the $85,000 2008 Derby Sprint Classic 550

Kinloch Brae turned the time honoured classic into a procession
His firecracker early pace demolished one of the greatest fields ever assembled.

Left behind in a cloud of dust were:

Red Dirt Road winner of weaver memorial
Current no.1 rated us greyhound 2008
Flying Stanley --- winner of Derby Lane million dollar race 2007
Flying Macbeth dual major stake winner
Current No.2 rated greyhound 2008 current derby lane win leader
Brady Thomas winner of Tampa Speed Classic
Flying Fabian winner of great American futurity

Phenomenal start to stud career - Supersonic Launch of a New Bloodline


RAZLDAZL DMAGIO Wins Razldazl Open Unraced Final 28.50 Shelbourne

BEAMING OLIVE Wins Droopys Munster Oaks Final 28.35 Waterford

SWIFT MARATHON Wins Fastest Semi Final Irish Puppy Derby

SWIFT MARATHON Wins 28.66 Quarter Final Irish Puppy Derby

CAPOLEY ASH Runner Up William Hill St Leger Classic

RAZLDAZL GEORGE Wins E120,000 Ladbrokes Irish Derby final

RAZLDAZL GEORGE Wins 29.54 550 2nd fastest time of entire Irish Derby

RAZLDAZL GEORGE Wins 29.38 550 fastest time of entire Irish Derby

RAZLDAZL GEORGE Antepost Favourite Ladbrokes Irish Derby

RAZLDAZL GEORGE Wins Semi Final English Derby 28.51

BEAMING OLIVE Wins 28.37 Fastest time Irish Oaks Rd

RAZLDAZL JAYFKAY Wins 28.22 Track Record Wimbledon

RAZLDAZL JAYFKAY Wins English Derby 1st Rd 28.35 Fastest time of Entire 1st Rd!

RAZLDAZL GEORGE Wins English Derby 1st Rd 28.42 2nd Fastest time of Entire Rd!

RAZLDAZL JAYFKAY Antepost Favourite 2011 William Hill English Derby

RAZLDAZL GEORGE 2nd Antepost Favourite 2011 William Hill English Derby

KINGO Wins Group 1 €36,000 Hegarty 600 Classic Shelbourne Unbeaten - 9 from the last 10 open races.

RAZLDAZL JAYFKAY clocks 28.24T (1 spot inside Wimbledon Track Record)

RAZLDAZL GEORGE clocks 28.38 pipping Easter Cup and Champion Stakes winner MAKESHIFT

DISTANT PALMER Wins 28.77 by 10L Waterford

RAZLDAZLGEORGE whiskered short head 29.59 (550) Easter Cup final

RAZLDAZL GEORGE Wins Semi-final Easter Cup 29.96 Shelbourne Park

RAZLDAZL GEORGE Wins 2nd Rd of Easter Cup 30.13 (Antepost Fav.)

BEAMING OLIVE Wins 28.61 Produce Stakes Ht Clonmel

TYRUR COLUMBO Wins 31.45 575 Shelbourne Park FTO Quarter

KINGO Runner Up 3/4L Final Gain Irish Cesarewitch

KINGO WIns Semi-final of Irish Cesarewitch 33.05 FTO Year

RAZLDAZL GEORGE Wins 1st Round of Easter Cup 29.80 550

RAZLDAZL GEORGE Wins Tote Gold Cup Heat 29.81 550 Shelbourne Park

RAZLDAZL JAYFKAY 28.48 Fastest Racing Post Juvenile Trial (Antepost Fav.)

RAZLDAZL JOE sold for STG£40,000

RAZLDAZL JOE Wins 28.84 Shelbourne Park Sat Night

RAZLDAZL BARACK Wins 28.66 Shelbourne Park Sat Night

HOPESTOWN BRAE Wins 1st Race 29.49 (est 28.97) by a distance. Sold to UK for large sum.

BEAMING THERAPY Wins 28.49 Est. National Puppy Stakes Heat.

BEAMING THERAPY Wins Shelbourne Final 28.70 FTON

RAZLDAZL GEORGE Wins 28.36 FTON Open Unraced Shelbourne. Also wins 28.53 1st Race.

RAZLDAZL JAYFKAY Wins 28.82 Kieran McEvoy Open Final FTO Quarter Kilkenny

RAZLDAZL JAYFKAY Wins 29.47 Kieran McEvoy (3 Kinloch Brae's in final)

RAZLDAZL BARACK Wins 1st Race 29.27 Kieran McEvoy Open Unraced Semi-Final Kilkenny

RAZLDAZL JOE Wins 1st Race Shelbourne Unraced 28.55 by 7l FTON 07.10.10

MONLEEK MERC Wins Silks Bar Final 28.83 1-4F

MONLEEK MERC Wins by 9 and half lengths 28.86 FTON Dundalk

KINGO wins Liam Brussels Memorial Final Unbeaten 29.47 (50s) Mullingar, 4 runs- 4 wins

KINGO wins 1st Race in an astonishing 29.39 (est.28.89) by 9 and half lengths, one of the fastest ever debuts and 2nd fastest time of the year!











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